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My Passion... Your Growth

Who am I?

Hanna Kounov is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner and Guide. Her primary focus is Shamanism to support clients in finding their inner voice and truth. 

Hanna is also a qualified Women’s Stress Practitioner, Relaxation Therapist and Reiki Master. Her extensive learning has allowed her to embrace a number of tools to assist her clients in their Healing and Spiritual journey.

In addition to her Healing practice Hanna Kounov / de Jager is a Published Author. She endeavors to assist others in embracing positive change.


“I found the anger ceremony a really emotionally freeing experience. It’s an emotional unburdening. It releases the negative that is stuck that you may not even be conscious that you carry. In its place is a lightness and an emotional openness to all that is joyful and peaceful.” Tamara. 

Why Me?

I specialize in helping you identify the “heart of the matter” and truly see things as they are. I have guided many clients to success to become fully engaged in their lives.

I guide you in your Healing and Spiritual Journey to a life of JOY!