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Lightworkers Saga


Hanna de Jager has created a tale of love, lust, betrayal, loyalty, and obsession for fans of mystery and suspense. In Lightworkers Saga, characters are brought together repeatedly over centuries as their souls carry on and reunite in each life. In this epic battle between good and evil, centuries of desire and lust have exploded in the mind of one man, and he will stop at nothing to claim his prize. He will not claim it, however, without a fight from the one man who is destined to be with the woman who was meant for him...and only him. Lightworkers are re-born every four to five hundred years in pairs, male and female. Alexander Demetrios is different than other Lightworkers; he also has a male counterpart, Adrian, whose sole obsession is Katherine. He vows to have her in this life as he has never had her before but has yearned for her each time. Hanna combines mystery and suspense with fantastical elements that will appeal to mystery and fantasy readers alike. She takes readers inside the minds of characters who are deeply plagued by history, experience, and desire. Ultimately, readers will devour these characters and expect Hanna de Jager to create for them the destiny that they deserve. Good can prevail over evil in this page-turning, gritty, spellbinding, thrill-seeking novel, but it doesn't come without a price. Lightworkers Saga holds nothing back.

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