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Hanna Kounov is a Project Manager, and has over 10,000 hours of project management experience in a wide variety of projects, which delivered complex customer oriented integrated solutions. Hanna has led multi-disciplinary teams in multi-site environments. Hanna is a change agent and has led many teams through a change process on both a corporate and personal level. She is a published columnist for the PM Times magazine.

In addition to her strong communication and organizational ability she utilizes her psychotherapy expertise to strengthen her leadership, team building and motivational skills. Hanna is also a published author plus a TV Host and community producer.

Published Article ProjectTimes: Project Personalities

Read more about personalities and how they influence the outcome of a project.

IA Canada – Lunch & Learn Pratt & Whitney Canada

The guest speaker, Hanna Kounov, gave an engaging speech on the Rules of Powerful Communications. We learned tools to help us achieve a Win/Win communication style. We had thoughtful questions from the audience that gave us real-life scenarios that we can now navigate with a different approach. ~ Women In Aerospace Canada




Why Me?

Hanna Kounov has a unique methodology which sets her work apart from standard communication training and coaching. With over 10,000 hours of project management she has the corporate experience to understand the challenges of today. Applying ancient wisdom to modern problems leads to a deeper understanding of what is needed for healthy communication.

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