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Raven Song Healing & Consulting

My Passion... Your Growth


The following services are offered:

• Shamanic Healing & Guidance

•Pagan Workshops

• Manifesting Masterclass

•Power Animal Journeys

• Personal Development Workshops

• Crystal Healing

• Reiki / Lightarian Reiki

• Women's Power Circle Workshops

• Ceremonial Guide

• Tarot Card Readings


All Shamanic Healing & Coaching Sessions are $90.00 per hour.

Chakra Drumming, Power Animal Journeys, Drum Journeys, Crystal Healing, Reiki, are offered at $90.00 per session.

Tarot Reading is $45.00 per half hour or $80.00 per hour. Parties can be arranged for 6 - 8 people at $45.00 per reading.

All fees are subject to HST and are shown including HST

These Services are offered in Keswick Ontario

All counseling services are offered over Zoom

Crystal & Drum Work

Comfortable Safe Environment

Ancient Knowledge